domingo, 11 de julho de 2010

Falling in love again

I've just got up and my mind can't stop... My heart must not stop... He! He! He! Only that guy!
I'm keeping an eye on myself now, but I lose control... It drives me crazy... Like Eagle says:
I'm falling in love again
ain't nothing I can do
Falling in love again
And this time it's with you
When I fall
It's always the same
And I'm so tired
Of playing this game
(Eagle Eye Cherry)
For sure, this song is true! What can we do? Definitely, nothing. Maybe, it can be funny, actually, the song is funny but in real life it isn't. And funny songs remind me this song:
Excuse me, I think I've got a heartache
There's an aching deep inside
And it just won't be denied
Excuse me, I think I've got a heartache
And I'd better say goodbye before I cry
Ohhhhhh! My gosh! For me, it's the funniest of the year!!!!!! Ahahahahahhaa
Love folks! Always love!

Débora Corn

2 comentários:

  1. A little bit of pain
    A little bit of laughs

    You can roll and control him

    It's all in the game of love

  2. ohh yeah! This game is hard,rsrs, but, it is also candy!