domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Think before speaking, John Mayer

Mama says: Think before speaking (Stupid Mouth). Wise words by John Mayer my best American songwriter and singer ever, by the way great influence! I try to do that, but, sometimes, it’s impractical; like the end of the song says: Starting now! It is absolutely arduous, isn’t? I should begin! After that, when I spoke words without thinking… Damn it! I observe with myself. And the song has already given us a tip in this part: How could I forget? Mama says think before speaking. (And again I forgot.) Perhaps, I’ll forget tomorrow and the day before: Guess! “Once more”. Well, but if the beginning of the life is when we are forty, I have more years to forget… And I can remember when the life even starts! But, what does Mama say?

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