domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Ten years without Harry!

I ask myself: Why don’t people like changes? On the other hand, I dislike routine. Well, ‘course there’re many people like me that love adventure. But what I want to say today is: Change your mind about your convictions. Stay tuned! Thank God, we can alter our ideas all the time. And now, you ask yourself: What has Harry Potter to do with it? Well, because I didn’t enjoy Harry. Once I watched Harry Potter on the cinema and I fell asleep, yeah! It’s correct! Since that day, I thought that Harry was uninteresting … Then, a couple of months ago, I tried Potter once more… Ohh my dear God!! Why did I wait ten years? Hahaha! It’s just fantastic! That woman, JK Rowlings, create the wonderful and imaginative world! And the production, director and actors, they’re splendid! The children, now adults, were so cute speaking with British accent! And these actors (the children) have worked since they were eleven, can you imagine that? Ohh holy Christ! Good acting since they were eleven! OMG! The character Harry is a kind of virtuous person then I like so much, because he isn’t a fool guy, he’s fair with his enemies, but he isn’t an idiot… Thank God twice! Haha! Well folks, never stop your mind for great stuffs, modify yourself… And don’t be afraid and say out loud: I changed my dialogue! Haha!

Débora Corn

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  1. AIAI , como é difícil , mais não impossível ler em inglês , daqui uns meses eu já sei tudo em ? KJAHKAJHAJKH , liindo professora parabéns *-*
    kisses :*

  2. nada é tão impossível querida!rsrs
    kisses and kisses!

  3. It's amazing baby, I love it, just love it. You know, few people have the gift of writing in this vivid and inspiring way. Thank God we have you...

  4. My dear friend... Thank God I have a friend like you... kisses

  5. Nooossa amandaa Fomoos rebaixadas Naaaum somos ´tão craquees assim n´´e mais Tudoo beem né =/